Building Official Requirements

Before commencing the construction, the owner or authorized agent shall contact the Building Official to schedule a meeting to discuss requirements, approved plans and related matters.

Submittals (including shop drawings)
Two (2) sets of plans and shop drawings shall be submitted to the Building Code Enforcement (BCE) Office prior to the start of work on any project. BCE will forward these to the Fire Marshal for review and comment. MPTN’s insurance carrier may also require plans.

Trade Permits

A Trade Permit must be issued to each trade involved with construction before they can commence work.

A project specific Trade Permit Application Form is provided with each approved Land Use Permit. Applications will only be accepted electronically on this project-specific form. Completed forms can be saved for submittal utilizing the latest version of the freely available Adobe Reader. The completed form is then to be emailed to Sue Steven’s at The contractor will in turn receive his permit by email when approved. The email will include a similar form to be utilized when requesting inspection.

A description of applicable trade permit requirements can be found within Title 2, L.U.R., ch. 2, § 2.

Title 2, L.U.R., ch. 3 details the generally required Building Official inspections.