Trade Permits

Building Officials

Trade Permits

  • A Trade Permit must be issued to each trade involved with construction before they can commence work.
  • There is no fee for a Trade Permit. All inspections are linked to your Permit.
  • A project specific Application Form is provided with each approved Land Use Permit.
  • Only Applications submitted electronically on that project-specific form will be accepted. Contact your project manager for a copy of this form.

What if I don't have a Land Use Permit?

  • Projects that require inspection but do not rise to the level of a Land Use Activity (e.g. replacement equipment) will be issued a Land Use Permit administratively under a facility's "Annual Permit." Contact Sue Stevens, (860) 396-6740,


  • Completed forms can be saved for submittal utilizing the latest version of the freely available Adobe Reader. The completed form is then to be emailed to Sue Stevens at The contractor will in turn receive his permit by email when approved. The email will include a similar form to be utilized when requesting inspection.