The answer is probably yes…

The MPTN Land Use Law (14 M.P.T.L) requires, “Any person, prior to commencing any Land Use Activity within Mashantucket, shall obtain a Permit from the Commission…" (14 M.P.T.L. ch. 5 § 1).

  1. "Land Use Activity” means any construction or other activity which materially changes the use, appearance, or occupancy of land or a Facility, or the intensity of use of land or a Facility.
    1. Land Use Activities include, but are not limited to:
      1. new Facilities, expansions of existing Facilities, new uses, material changes in or expansions of existing uses;
      2. a change to, or use of, utility infrastructure such as new utility services, a change to interior circuits, cabling or plumbing, a change resulting in an increase of utility demand, a change in the character of sanitary discharge, or installation of any equipment intended to treat or condition utility provided resources;
      3. an activity with the potential to impact natural resources including the deposit or discharge to air, water or land, cutting of native vegetation, or a project with the potential to cause a release of a polluting substance;
      4. an activity or change of use with the potential to impact public safety, impact existing life safety systems, changes to occupancy of a room or that necessitates a change to any emergency plan or procedure;
      5. an activity determined to have the potential to impact cultural or historic resources of the Tribe; or,
      6. any activity which is specifically designated as a Land Use Activity within a Land Use Regulation.
    2. Land Use Activities do not include:
      1. routine maintenance, including like for like replacement of equipment, or installation of finishes or fixtures which would not typically require inspection by a code official or fire marshal;
      2. activities involving construction of culturally traditional Facilities, such as wetus, provided that they are constructed utilizing traditional methods; or,
      3. emergency situations where there is a clear, sudden, unexpected, and imminent threat to life, health, property, environment, or essential public service demanding immediate action to prevent or mitigate loss of, or damage to such, if corrective action is not undertaken immediately.

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