Hot Work Permits

A Hot Work Permit is required for any temporary operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks. Those include but are not limited to: brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, torch cutting or torch-applied roofing and welding.

  1. Prior to beginning any hot work, contractors shall request a permit from the Fire Alarm Center by calling 860 312-4397.
  2. The MPTN Fire Department will conduct an inspection of the job site. The inspection shall include fire extinguishers, work to be performed, and fire watch.
    1. Extinguishers must be full, pinned and sealed, and have a current inspection tag.
    2. Hot work equipment must be in good operating order.
    3. The area within thirty-five (35) feet must be clear of any combustibles, flammable liquids, dusts, or explosive atmospheres.
  3. The contractor shall notify the Fire Alarm Center upon completion of work, and be present at the job site to sign-off that the work has been completed and that the job site is fire safe.
  4. The MPTN Fire Department will complete a final walk through of the job site with the contractor to verifying that work is completed and the job site is fire safe.