Land Clearing/Tree Cutting

and other harvesting of forest products*

  • The removal of any "beneficial" vegetation requires a permit
    • Title 7 of the Land Use Regulations details the permitting process and requirements
    • Cut timber is a Trust Resource which must be utilized for the benefit of the Tribe
    • Permits are also required for the harvest of "non-timber" forest products
  • To request a permit email the Natural Resources Protection (NRP) Program or call (860) 396-6740
    • A sitewalk and inventory must be completed
    • For large cuts, or if the applicant is not available for a site walk, the proposed cut must be field delineated
    • NRP will coordinate its review with the Tribe's Historic Preservation Officer (THPO)
  • When a Land Use Permit is required the Land Clearing Permit process will be integrated within that process
    • Mitigation may be required for significant clearing
    • Cut timber must be delivered as specified to the MPTN Public Works Department.
    • Chipped tops may be utilized on-site as erosion & sedimentation control measures
*Forest products means marketable products extracted from Indian forests, such as: Timber; timber products, including lumber, lath, crating, ties, bolts, logs, pulpwood, fuelwood, posts, poles, and split products; bark; Christmas trees, stays, branches, firewood, berries, mosses, pinyon nuts, roots, acorns, syrups, wild rice, mushrooms, and herbs; other marketable material; and gravel which is extracted from, and utilized on, Indian forest land [25 CFR 163.1].